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(Head Of Academic Group)
Baildon, Mark (A/P)
B.A. (University of Rochester), M.S.Sci (Syracuse University), Ph.D. (Michigan State University)
Research Interests: Inquiry-based social studies practice, history education, multiple literacies, teacher thinking and learning, curriculum theory
Teaching Areas: History and social studies education

Room No: 3-03-141
Tel No: 67903425

Blackburn, Kevin (A/P)
B.A.Hons.(Q'ld.), Ph.D.(Q'ld.)
Research Interests: Politics of Mourning and Remembering the Fall of Singapore
Teaching Areas: Australian History, Film History, and the Concept of Heritage

Room No: 3-03-134
Tel No:67903414

Chang Chew Hung (A/P)
B.A.Hons. (NUS, Sing), M.A.(NTU, Sing), Ph.D. (NTU, Sing)
concurrent appointment : Seconded to Graduate Programmes & Research as Sub-Dean, TPD (In-Service) (GPR)
Research Interests
: Web-based Learning in Geography, Quaternary Climate Change, Urban Heat Island.
Teaching Areas: Physical Geography, Climatology, Geography Education, Geographical Techniques, Geography of Singapore

Room No: 7-03-58
Tel No: 67903861

Chatterjea, Kalyani (A/ P)
B.A.Hons. (Cal.U), M.A.(Cal.U), F.E.T.T.(Lond), Ph.D.(NUS, Sing)
Research Interests: Humid Tropical Geomorphology,
Channel Dynamics and River Response to Dam Construction, Forest Fragmentation, Web-Based Learning.
Teaching Areas: Fluvial and Urban Geomorphology, Biogeography, Environmental Science.

Room No: 3-03-133
Tel No: 67903413

Chee Min Fui (Ms)
B.A.(NUS, Sing), P.G.D.E. (NIE, Sing), M.A.(NUS, Sing)
Research Interests: Ethnic Relations, History of Madrasah Education in Singapore
Teaching Areas: Social Studies Education, History of Singapore

Room No: 3-03-136
Tel No: 67903420

Chelva Rajah S N (Mr)
B.A.Hons. (University of New England, Australia)
Teaching Areas: History & Social Studies Education

Room No: 3-03-149B
Tel No: 67903581

Diganta Das(As/P)
B.A. Hons. (Gau U), M.A. (JNU), M.Phil (IIT-B), Ph.D (NUS)
Research Interests: Asian Urbanism, Globalization and political economy of South Asian cities, Liveable and sustainable cities.
Teaching Areas: Urban Geography, Globalization and Economic Geography, Research Methods in Human Geography

Room No: 3-03-131
Tel No: 6790-3405

Goh Chor Boon (Dr)
Cert. Ed. (IE, Sing) B.Sc Hons (Lond), M.A.(Oregon), Ph.D. (NSW)
concurrent appointment : Seconded to NIE International as General Manager
Research Interests: Technology and Culture, Pacific War
Teaching Areas: Science Technology and Economic Development, History Education, the Pacific War.

Room No: 1-01-08A
Tel No: 67903175

Ismail, Rahil (A/P)
B.A.Hons. (NUS, Sing), P.G.C.E.(Lond), M.A.(Leeds), Ph.D.(Leeds)
Research Interests: Multicultural Studies, Conflict and Resolution, International Studies, Ethnic Relations
Teaching Areas: American History, History and Media, Vietnam War

Room No: 3-03-139
Tel No: 67903402

Irvine, Kim N. (Prof)
B.Sc. (University of Toronto), M.Sc. (McMaster University), Ph.D. (McMaster University)
Research Interests:
Urban hydrology, water quality in urban-impacted watersheds, urban drainage modeling, Integrated Water Resources Management
Teaching Areas:
Physical Geography, Techniques in Geography, Resource and Environmental Management, Catchment Management and Conservation

Room No: 3-03-155
Tel No: 67903401

Jasvinder Kaur (Ms)
B.A. (NUS, Sípore), Post-Grad Dip. in Edn. (NIE, Sípore)
Teaching Areas: Social Studies Education 

Room No: 3-03-157
Tel No: 67903406

Kho Ee Moi (Dr)
B.A.Hons.(University of Singapore), M.A.(Auckland), Ph.D. (NUS, Sing)
Research Interests: Gender in Education, Girls' Education in Singapore, Minorities in Singapore, Issues of Ethnicity, Social Studies and History Education
Teaching Areas:History and Social Studies Education

Room No: 3-03-149C
Tel No: 67903388

Koh Noi Keng (Dr)
BBA (Hons) (NUS, Sing), Dip-in-Ed (IE, Sing), PhD
Research Interests: Learning Environment, Perceptions and Attitudes, Engaging Pedagogy, Mixed Mode Delivery
Teaching Areas: Accounting, Business and Economics Education. SIG: Financial Literacy & Entrepreneurship

Room No: 3-03-130
Tel No: 67903404

Lafrieda Nasir (Ms)
B.A.(NUS, Sing), P.G.D.E. (NIE, Sing), M.A.(NTU-NIE, Sing) 
Teaching Areas:
Social Studies Education

Room No: 3-03-160
Tel No: 67903397

Ivy Maria Lim (As/P)
B.A.Hons. (NUS), M.A.(NTU), PGDE (NIE, Sing), D.Phil (Oxford)
Research Interests: Social and local history of Ming Dynasty China (1368 - 1644); Lineage history in Lower Yangzi delta from 1500, Teochew community in Singapore
Teaching Areas: Singapore History

Room No: 3-03-141
Tel No: 67903425

Seow Ing Chin Dorothy Tricia (Dr)
B.A. Hons. (NUS, Singapore), Masters Soc Science (NUS, Singapore), Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (NIE, Singapore), Ph.D (Institute of Education, University of London, UK)
Research Interests: Teachersí subject conceptions and practice, Studentsí subject conceptions and learning, Climate change education
Teaching Areas: Geography Education and Assessment,  Geographical Field Inquiry

Room No: 3-03-142
Tel No: 67903556

Sim Hwee Hwang  (Dr)
B.A.(NUS, Sing), P.G.D.E. (NIE, Sing), M.A. (NTU, Sing)
Research Interests:
Mentoring in Teacher Education, Primary Social Studies Education, Geography Education, Instructional Design
Teaching Areas: Primary Social Studies Education,  Geography Education and Geography of Singapore

Room No: 3-03-152
Tel No: 67903400

Sim Yong Huei (Dr)
B.A. (NUS), M.A. (Leeds), P.G.D.E. (NIE, Sing), Ph.D (Wollongong)
Research Interests: Portuguese in the East / Indian Ocean 18th-19th Centuries, Political Economy involving Macau and Coastal Quangdong 18th-19th Centuries
Teaching Areas: Early Modern Asia, Social Studies Education

Room No: 3-03-150
Tel No: 67903411

Suhaimi Afandi (Dr)
B.A.Hons. (NUS), PGDE Dist. (NIE, Sing) Ph.D. (IOE, London)
Research Interests: Empirical study of the ways in which history and the past are understood by students; Teachers' expectations about students' ideas and their understandings of concepts in history
Teaching Areas: History Education, Social Studies Education

Room No: 3-03-153
Tel No: 67903408

Tan Geok Chin, Ivy (A/P)
B.A.Hons. (NUS, Sing), M.Ed.(NTU, Sing) Ph.D. (NTU, Sing)
concurrent appointment : Seconded to Office of Teacher Education as Sub-Dean Diploma & Practicum
Research Interests
Geography Education, Environmental Education, Social Studies Education, Cooperative Learning
Teaching Areas: Geography and Social Studies Education, Cooperative Learning

Room No: 2-03-75
Tel No: 67903415

Toh Susan (Ms)
B.A. Hons. (NUS, Sípore), P.G.D.E. (NIE, Sípore)
Teaching Areas: Geography Education

Room No: 3-03-159
Tel No: 67903398

Wang Zhenping (A/P)
M.A.(Princeton), Ph.D.(Princeton)
Research Interests:
Modern & Pre-Modern Chinese History. China's External Relations.
Teaching Areas: History of China, History of Japan.

Room No: 3-03-140
Tel No: 67903403


Wu Bing Sheng (As/P)
B.A. (National Taiwan University), M.S. (National Taiwan University), Ph.D. (Texas A&M University)
Research Interests: GIS, Urban modelling, Urban geography
Teaching Areas: Technique in Geography, Principles of GIS, Applied/Advanced GIS

Room No: 3-03-138
Tel No: 67903422



Support Staff

Mr M Jegatheesan 
Technical Executive
Contact No. 67903563

Ms See Phay Fun
Technical Executive
Contact No. 67903572

Ms Alice Lee Poh Ching
Corporate Support Officer
Contact No. 67903429