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(Head Of Academic Group)
Baildon, Mark (A/P)
B.A. (University of Rochester), M.S.Sci (Syracuse University), Ph.D. (Michigan State University)
Research Interests: Inquiry-based social studies practice, history education, multiple literacies, teacher thinking and learning, curriculum theory
Teaching Areas: History and social studies education

Room No: 3-03-141
Tel No: 67903425

Blackburn, Kevin (A/P)
B.A.Hons.(Q'ld.), Ph.D.(Q'ld.)
Research Interests: Politics of Mourning and Remembering the Fall of Singapore
Teaching Areas: Australian History, Film History, and the Concept of Heritage

Room No: 3-03-134
Tel No:67903414

Chan Siew Fong (Mrs)
Bac. Soc. Sc Hons (University of Singapore), Dip in Ed (IE, Sing.), Further Professional Dip in Ed (IE, Sing.), Master of Education (NUS, Sing.)
Research Interests: Economics of Education, Social Studies Education
Teaching Areas: Economics and Social Studies

Room No: 3-03-149A
Tel No: 67903589

Chang Chew Hung (A/P)
B.A.Hons. (NUS, Sing), M.A.(NTU, Sing), Ph.D. (NTU, Sing)
concurrent appointment : Seconded to Graduate Programmes & Research as Sub-Dean, TPD (In-Service) (GPR)
Research Interests
: Web-based Learning in Geography, Quaternary Climate Change, Urban Heat Island.
Teaching Areas: Physical Geography, Climatology, Geography Education, Geographical Techniques, Geography of Singapore

Room No: 7-03-58
Tel No: 67903861

Chatterjea, Kalyani (A/ P)
B.A.Hons. (Cal.U), M.A.(Cal.U), F.E.T.T.(Lond), Ph.D.(NUS, Sing)
Research Interests: Humid Tropical Geomorphology,
Channel Dynamics and River Response to Dam Construction, Forest Fragmentation, Web-Based Learning.
Teaching Areas: Fluvial and Urban Geomorphology, Biogeography, Environmental Science.

Room No: 3-03-133
Tel No: 67903413

Chee Min Fui (Ms)
B.A.(NUS, Sing), P.G.D.E. (NIE, Sing), M.A.(NUS, Sing)
Research Interests: Ethnic Relations, History of Madrasah Education in Singapore
Teaching Areas: Social Studies Education, History of Singapore

Room No: 3-03-136
Tel No: 67903420

Chelva Rajah S N (Mr)
B.A.Hons. (University of New England, Australia)
Teaching Areas: History & Social Studies Education

Room No: 3-03-149B
Tel No: 67903581

Diganta Das(As/P)
B.A. Hons. (Gau U), M.A. (JNU), M.Phil (IIT-B), Ph.D (NUS)
Research Interests: Asian Urbanism, Globalization and political economy of South Asian cities, Liveable and sustainable cities.
Teaching Areas: Urban Geography, Globalization and Economic Geography, Research Methods in Human Geography

Room No: 3-03-131
Tel No: 6790-3405

Goh Chor Boon (Dr)
Cert. Ed. (IE, Sing) B.Sc Hons (Lond), M.A.(Oregon), Ph.D. (NSW)
concurrent appointment : Seconded to NIE International as General Manager
Research Interests: Technology and Culture, Pacific War
Teaching Areas: Science Technology and Economic Development, History Education, the Pacific War.

Room No: 1-01-08A
Tel No: 67903175

Ho Li-Ching (As/P)
B.Sc. Economics Hons (London School of Economics), M.A. (NUS, Sing), P.G.D.E. (NIE, Sing), Ph.D. (Columbia University)
Research Interests: Social Studies Education, Citizenship, Multicultural Education, Global Education
Teaching Areas: Social Studies Education, Geography Education

Room No: 3-03-135
Tel No: 67903399

Ismail, Rahil (A/P)
B.A.Hons. (NUS, Sing), P.G.C.E.(Lond), M.A.(Leeds), Ph.D.(Leeds)
Research Interests: Multicultural Studies, Conflict and Resolution, International Studies, Ethnic Relations
Teaching Areas: American History, History and Media, Vietnam War

Room No: 3-03-139
Tel No: 67903402

Irvine, Kim N. (Prof)
B.Sc. (University of Toronto), M.Sc. (McMaster University), Ph.D. (McMaster University)
Research Interests:
Urban hydrology, water quality in urban-impacted watersheds, urban drainage modeling, Integrated Water Resources Management
Teaching Areas:
Physical Geography, Techniques in Geography, Resource and Environmental Management, Catchment Management and Conservation

Room No: 3-03-155
Tel No: 67903401

Jasvinder Kaur (Ms)
B.A. (NUS, Sípore), Post-Grad Dip. in Edn. (NIE, Sípore)
Teaching Areas: Social Studies Education 

Room No: 3-03-157
Tel No: 67903406

Kho Ee Moi (Dr)
B.A.Hons.(University of Singapore), M.A.(Auckland), Ph.D. (NUS, Sing)
Research Interests: Gender in Education, Girls' Education in Singapore, Minorities in Singapore, Issues of Ethnicity, Social Studies and History Education
Teaching Areas:History and Social Studies Education

Room No: 3-03-149C
Tel No: 67903388

Koh Noi Keng (Dr)
BBA (Hons) (NUS, Sing), Dip-in-Ed (IE, Sing), PhD
Research Interests: Learning Environment, Perceptions and Attitudes, Engaging Pedagogy, Mixed Mode Delivery
Teaching Areas: Accounting, Business and Economics Education. SIG: Financial Literacy & Entrepreneurship

Room No: 3-03-130
Tel No: 67903404

Ivy Maria Lim (As/P)
B.A.Hons. (NUS), M.A.(NTU), PGDE (NIE, Sing), D.Phil (Oxford)
Research Interests: Social and local history of Ming Dynasty China (1368 - 1644); Lineage history in Lower Yangzi delta from 1500, Teochew community in Singapore
Teaching Areas: Singapore History

Room No: 3-03-141
Tel No: 67903425

Seow Ing Chin Dorothy Tricia (Dr)
B.A. Hons. (NUS, Singapore), Masters Soc Science (NUS, Singapore), Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (NIE, Singapore), Ph.D (Institute of Education, University of London, UK)
Research Interests: Teachersí subject conceptions and practice, Studentsí subject conceptions and learning, Climate change education
Teaching Areas: Geography Education and Assessment,  Geographical Field Inquiry

Room No: 3-03-142
Tel No: 67903556

Sim Hwee Hwang  (Dr)
B.A.(NUS, Sing), P.G.D.E. (NIE, Sing), M.A. (NTU, Sing)
Research Interests:
Mentoring in Teacher Education, Primary Social Studies Education, Geography Education, Instructional Design
Teaching Areas: Primary Social Studies Education,  Geography Education and Geography of Singapore

Room No: 3-03-152
Tel No: 67903400

Sim Yong Huei (Dr)
B.A. (NUS), M.A. (Leeds), P.G.D.E. (NIE, Sing), Ph.D (Wollongong)
Research Interests: Portuguese in the East / Indian Ocean 18th-19th Centuries, Political Economy involving Macau and Coastal Quangdong 18th-19th Centuries
Teaching Areas: Early Modern Asia, Social Studies Education

Room No: 3-03-150
Tel No: 67903411

Suhaimi Afandi (Dr)
B.A.Hons. (NUS), PGDE Dist. (NIE, Sing) Ph.D. (IOE, London)
Research Interests: Empirical study of the ways in which history and the past are understood by students; Teachers' expectations about students' ideas and their understandings of concepts in history
Teaching Areas: History Education, Social Studies Education

Room No: 3-03-153
Tel No: 67903408

Tan Geok Chin, Ivy (A/P)
B.A.Hons. (NUS, Sing), M.Ed.(NTU, Sing) Ph.D. (NTU, Sing)
concurrent appointment : Seconded to Office of Teacher Education as Sub-Dean Diploma & Practicum
Research Interests
Geography Education, Environmental Education, Social Studies Education, Cooperative Learning
Teaching Areas: Geography and Social Studies Education, Cooperative Learning

Room No: 2-03-75
Tel No: 67903415

Toh Susan (Ms)
B.A. Hons. (NUS, Sípore), P.G.D.E. (NIE, Sípore)
Teaching Areas: Geography Education

Room No: 3-03-159
Tel No: 67903398

Wang Zhenping (A/P)
M.A.(Princeton), Ph.D.(Princeton)
Research Interests:
Modern & Pre-Modern Chinese History. China's External Relations.
Teaching Areas: History of China, History of Japan.

Room No: 3-03-140
Tel No: 67903403


Wu Bing Sheng (As/P)
B.A. (National Taiwan University), M.S. (National Taiwan University), Ph.D. (Texas A&M University)
Research Interests: GIS, Urban modelling, Urban geography
Teaching Areas: Technique in Geography, Principles of GIS, Applied/Advanced GIS

Room No: 3-03-138
Tel No: 67903422

Sallie Wilton Yea (As/P)
B.A. Hons & Ph D (Monash University)
Research Interests: Migration and Transnationalism, Gender, Tourism, Development and Poverty, Qualitative Research Methodologies
Teaching Areas:
Ethnic Geography, Development Geography, Social/ Cultural Geography, Methodologies, Asia/ Singapore

Room No: 3-03-154
Tel No: 67903407



Support Staff

Ms Karen Koo Ai Leng,
Management Support Officer and Secretary to Head, HSSE
Contact No. 67903426

Mr M Jegatheesan 
Technical Executive
Contact No. 67903563

Ms See Phay Fun
Technical Executive
Contact No. 67903572

Ms Alice Lee Poh Ching
Corporate Support Officer
Contact No. 67903429