PCH 516
Module Outline




PCH 516 Assessment and Evaluation in Secondary History and Social Studies

PGDE (Sec)/July 2004 Intake

CS History



Tan Helen Doreen
(Rm 3-03-132 email dtan@nie.edu.sg)

Sandra Kumarasamy 
(Rm 3-03-155
email mksandra@nie.edu.sg)

Number of AUs






24 hours


This module explores how assessment and evaluation can be conducted for History and Social Studies. It will focus on how primary and secondary sources can be used to set source based questions. To be familiar with the current examination format for both History and Social Studies, students will be given opportunities to set and mark assignments.


At the end of the course students would have acquired a fundamental understanding of the assessment requirements for teaching Secondary History and Social Studies.

Organisation of module

The course consists of seminar sessions. Students will be given both theory and hands-on sessions for the setting and marking of source-based and structured essay questions.

Module Content and Schedule

There will be 4 contact hours each week for the duration of 6 weeks. . Please refer to the HSSE PGDE (Sec) Notice board History, for Seminar sessions and venues.


Students will have to do a literature review on a topic they wish to set their questions on and come up with a set of questions and mark scheme for both source-based and structured essay questions.

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