PCH 515
Module Outline




PCH 515 Teaching of Secondary History and Social Studies Through Fieldtrips

PGDE (Sec)/Jan Intake

CS History



Sandra Kumarasamy 
(Rm 3-03-155
email mksandra@nie.edu.sg)

Number of AUs






24 hours


This module seeks to expose students to an interesting and challenging strategy in the teaching of History and Social Studies by taking students out of the classroom. It will focus on how fieldtrips can be used to make the subjects come alive for students. Students will be trained to plan, organise and conduct fieldtrips to selected sites in Singapore such as Chinatown and URA. Students will not only discover valuable nuggets of information about these sites, they will also learn how to organise activities that will enhance students' awareness of their culture and heritage.


At the end of the course students would be able to plan and conduct fieldtrips both locally and overseas.

Organisation of module

The course consists of classroom and on the field sessions. The classroom sessions are to provide students with the theory of how to conduct fieldtrips, preparation of their own fieldtrips as well as presentations of pre and post fieldtrip sessions. Field sessions allow students to learn about places where students can organize field trip sessions for their pupils and give the students the hands-on of conducting fieldtrips themselves.

Module Content and Schedule

There will be 2 contact hours each week for a duration of 12 weeks. Please refer to the HSSE PGDE (Sec) Noticeboard History, for Seminar sessions and venues.


Students will be assessed on the basis of a 3-part assignment, which will include  onsite activities, a presentation and a package. While students work in groups on the assignment, there will be individual components.

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